An AR swatchbook app to style your car


Getting your car resprayed is expensive, time consuming and a general pain. 3M car wraps offer all of the aesthetics of a new paint job with half the hastle, half the time and the added benefit of protecting your original paintwork. We were looking to help advertise this and break the ice of car wrapping for the uninitiated.  This mobile app was to be marketed as a take home swatch book to save on authorised wrappers sharing valuable printed materials whilst giving the customer something to take home and play with before deciding on a wrap. The app solves this problem by creating an easy to use and exciting app that allows customers to share their favourite colour schemes and test on real vehicles before purchase.


– UI / UX Design & Prototyping




Adobe XD, Photoshop, Illustrator

User flow mapping

Created at the initial stages, the users flows show the primary loop of the app, focusing on testing, favouriting and sharing swatches with friends to drive engagement. Using this map helped me to work out the initial usability issues of the app and overcome these by focusing clearly on the flow before diving into design.


Prototyping the solution with Adobe XD

To progress the project I create the working prototype shown here to help visualise the app and allow it to be tested by key stakeholders and members the target demographic