Gamifying Physical Education at School


Getting teenagers involved in sports and leadership activities can be a challenge. Many schools offer leadership opportunities allowing students to teach younger pupils physical education while gaining some leadership experience. To assist in this, I wanted to design an app to help gamify this experience, taking the tedium out of logging time towards Sports Leadership Awards and creating incentives to help students achieve. The app offers weekly challenges to keep students coming back, a cross school leaderboard to encourage competitive play and a reward structure to help studfents keep track of their progress towards bronze, silver and gold leadership awards.


– UI / UX Design & Prototyping


Adobe XD, Photoshop, Illustrator


app screenshot showcase
app screenshot showcase

Gamifying Physical Activity

To help drive engagement, the app features cross school leaderboards for Suffolk county allowing students to compete as well as offering more achievable short term goals with a series of challenges that update and change every week. These challenges also adapt to award you based on your sport preferences as each student may favor different sports.